I am a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine in Milan with a Level II Master’s degree in Cosmetic Surgery from Humanitas Hospital.

I am an expert in the use of the latest generation of medical lasers, and my mission is to study innovative solutions for the effective treatment of some of the most impactful and common diseases and pathologies, such as acne and melasma, using facial rejuvenation, hyperhidrosis and non-invasive aesthetic treatments with immediate results, no side effects or recovery time.

Through my studies and practice, I have developed solutions to skin problems that in the past seemed insurmountable, leading me to present my research and protocols on two of the most important stages in the field, at SIME in Rome, and at IMCAS in Paris. The Protocollo Grace is one example, a unique protocol for the treatment of active Acne with very promising results.

My dedication to study and deepening my knowledge of these new cutting-edge technologies keeps me constantly on the move, alert and ready to find new treatments and protocols for solving pressing problems.

Il Protocollo Grace

The Protocollo Grace, the result of intensive studies in recent years, is a combination of different technologies aimed at treating active Acne and significantly improving the inflammatory state and the scarring caused by it.

It is free of side effects, suitable for all skin types, painless and fast, so much so that you can return to the office or expose yourself to the sun the same day.  It is a totally unique and innovative method with amazing results*.

*First consultation and medical history necessary to assess whether the patient is suitable for this type of treatment

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