My Treatments & Protocols

All treatments and protocols are performed with the latest technology which can only and exclusively be handled by trained medical personnel in suitable environments and settings.

My focus is on the patient’s well-being, and so the treatments I chose are always aimed at improving the patient’s state of health.

The epidermis is the most extensive organ we have and is our barrier against any harmful elements, including weather conditions . As it defends the underlying tissues it must be protected and treated with care.

A key moment for the prognosis and effective treatment of any pathology is the person’s medical history, which allows me to gather important information from the patient about his or her medical and family history.

Below are my treatments and protocols that aim to treat and resolve discomforts and pathologies, so that I can enhance the uniqueness of each person.

To succeed in this means to improve the quality of his or her life, and this for me is something I cannot compromise on, something I work on daily with passion and commitment.

Cicatrici e lesioni

E’ possibile intervenire sulle cicatrici e lesioni, scopri come.

Trattamento Iperidrosi

L'Iperidosi porta ad avere una sudorazione eccessiva e marcata, generalizzata o localizzata in determinate parti del corpo umano.


Un intervento non invasivo e veloce; è un ringiovanimento delle palpebre capace di restituire forza e intensità al proprio sguardo

Ringiovanimento del viso

un metodo veloce e non invasivo capace di ridare forza e luce alla pelle del viso intervenendo su rughe e inestetismi sul proprio viso o décolleté migliorandone l'aspetto

Trattamento Rosacea

La Rosaceo o Cuporose è un arrossamento involontario della pelle su cui è possibile intervenire

Trattamento Melasma

E' una forma di iperpigmentazione cutanea del viso; macchie con contorni irregolari e forme disomogenee dalla colorazione marrone chiaro o scuro

Inestetismi del Ginocchio

Un nuovo protocollo per combattere questo particolare inestetismo

Trattamento Labbra

Un nuovo trattamento non invasivo per labbra giovani e voluminose.

The Protocollo Grace, the result of intensive studies in recent years, is a combination of different technologies aimed at treating active Acne and significantly improving the inflammatory state and the scarring caused by it.

It is free of side effects, suitable for all skin types, painless and fast, so much so that you can return to the office or expose yourself to the sun the same day. 

It is a totally unique and innovative method with amazing results*.

*First consultation and medical history necessary to assess whether the patient is suitable for this type of treatment

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