Lip treatment

A new noninvasive treatment for youthful, voluminous lips.

The “Cantico dei Cantici” is a book about love, which plays a lot between spiritual and physical. We could define it as a love letter from the groom to his bride, where the latter is the real protagonist exalted in her femininity.

Her figure is told through the description of her mouth and especially her lips, defined as sensual and representing the object of desire par excellence, and one cannot disagree. Lips even in the present day are very important for sex-appeal, and for this very reason the attention in improving their appearance is always very high.

“Come nastro di porpora le tue labbra, la tua bocca è piena di fascino…

… Le tue labbra stillano nettare, o sposa, c’è miele e latte sotto la tua lingua“

“Like a purple ribbon your lips, your mouth is full of charm….

… Your lips drip nectar, O bride, there is honey and milk under your tongue.”

 Who doesn’t want perfect, attractive lips?

Thanks to Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery we can increase their volume, enhance their color and eliminate the signs of old age with very natural results.

However, we should not forget that lips are a very delicate and sensitive area, and the aging processes can be more or less early due to many diverse causes. Lifestyle definitely plays a role, such as smoking or hereditary factors, or even because the mouth area is an area prone to frown lines, or other subjective factors related to facial expressions that are different from person to person.


The doctor has studied and perfected a Lip Protocol that gives a solution to rejuvenate the lips by working on all aspects: elasticity, thickness, color, and turgor of the area.

The Protocol involves the use of an innovative, non-invasive technology that brings greater amounts of oxygen to the treated area by increasing blood irrigation. This results in increased cell nourishment and the lips appear more voluminous, beautiful and alluring.

For about 10 to 12 days, you will feel like you have lip gloss all day long, due to the high hydration in the area, and during this time, even the finest wrinkles will disappear.

State-of-the-art technology causes cell regeneration, with production of new collagen but not only, it can also prevent and correct wrinkles, skin blemishes and loss of plumpness.

If your desire is to improve the appearance of the lips noninvasively, naturally, without pain or marks after treatment this protocol is right for you.

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