Knee rejuvenation

A new protocol to combat this particular area

Non-surgical knee lift

The body speaks about us, who we are and how much care we take of our beauty.

One aspect that all women take into account for the beauty of the female body is the legs.

A nice pair of firm, tapered and lean legs is certainly the dream of many women, but unfortunately the knees are sometimes a weak point that we try to hide at every opportunity.

Because of the conformation of the knees, many girls give up short dresses or summer outfits, and this renunciation leads them to complain about this blemish much more than we can imagine.

How come so many women do not like their knees? Why is it that, even to thin girls, in front of the mirror their knees look “chubby” or flabby?

The signs of aging and time inexorably affect all parts of our bodies, even our knees. They are not often considered, but the latter often bear the brunt of age and a lifestyle that is not always healthy. Women who are over the age of 18 complain mostly of skin laxity that makes the knee floppy and saggy, but this sagging can also occur at a young age either due to a genetic predisposition, even on thin subjects, or after rapid weight loss.

There are various solutions to improve the appearance of the knees depending on the severity of the blemish, for which both exercise and diet fail to remedy.

Aesthetic medicine offers various non-invasive treatments to resolve minor laxity or not excessive fat accumulation, but if the problem is more obvious and you want to take radical action, you can rely on invasive surgery.

The knees are very delicate, as they are the joints that support the entire weight of a person’s body, so the doctor decided to invent and study a protocol suitable for this delicate structure.

The process

During the first visit, the Doctor studies the situation of the lower limbs, joints and verifies that there are no inflammatory states present, and after a careful anamnesis she will evaluate the right procedure to be followed, the intervals to be respected between sessions and the pre and post treatment precautions.

In her protocols, Dr. uses cutting-edge, non-invasive technology that can provide a lifting effect, improving skin texture without pain and side effects. The skillful use of this technology makes it possible to reach the various skin layers through heat, with a temperature suitable for collagen stimulation and regeneration, without damaging the epidermis, which is the outermost and thinnest layer of the skin.

Other technologies such as radiofrequency and infrared also take advantage of heat, but are unable to reach the same temperature and different depths of the skin layers.

Compared to a traditional facelift, these treatments do not involve any anesthesia, neither local nor total, with really short execution times, without any pain, but the most remarkable thing is the absence of recovery time, so much so that the patient can immediately return to his or her daily routine.

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